Для кого2_Монтажная область 2


• RESIDENTS OF THE LOCAL COMMUNITIES interested in creating ahealthy and eenvironmentally safe living conditions and pursue higher living standards;

• COMMUNITY LEADERS (local governments) interested in socio-economic, environmentally-friendly and culturally-diverse development of their communities;

• ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIVISTS who strive to preserve the environment and develop biodiversity as one of the key factors in the well-being of community residents;

• SCIENTISTS AND RESEARCHERS of the natural environment who strive to develop knowledge about biodiversity and to spread this knowledge to form safe and responsible behavior of community residents;

• ENTREPRENEURS who seek to provide services (B2B) related to the development of an environmentallysafe production and "green" entrepreneurship;

• COMPANIES wanting to make effective use of the natural resources as assets in the field of tourism, recreation and culture;

• THE TOURISM INDUSTRY, interested in providing its customers with access to a clean environment and various natural resources that motivate tourists to stay longer in the areas of interest (hotels, restaurants or recreation centers);

• CULTURAL ENTREPRENEURS wanting to raise awareness on the healthy use of natural resources in the creation process of cultural products and services;

• TRADITIONAL INDUSTRIAL AND AGRICULTURAL BUSINESSES that use natural resources with high environmental risks and are interested in reducing environmental sanctions (fines) and in improving consumer confidence;

• INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC ORGANIZATIONS AND OTHER PUBLIC OR SCIENTIFIC ASSOCIATIONS that strive to preserve the natural environment and biodiversity

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