The eco-station is located on the territory of the Hubynska community, in Andriivka village. The name of the eco-station is associated with the name of Komarivshchyna nature reserve.
Currently, the Komarishchyna eco-station:
1. cooperates with the Department of Geobotany, Soil Science and Ecology of Oles Honchar Dnipro National University, and conducts research in the following areas:
• assessment of the current state and anthropoclimatic transformation of woody and shrubby vegetation in natural and artificial forest phytocoenoses;
• identification of the peculiarities of bird interaction with stand microstructure and spatial distribution of birds in the amphiprotic systems of the Samara River floodplain and arena terrace during the nesting season of 2023;
• creation of a database of adventitious and indicator plant species around Samara River;
• determining a degree of anthropogenic pressure on water bodies around the Dnipro River.
We plan to combine the research results with an information campaign for the residents of the local community to raise awareness of the biodiversity around them.

2. We launched the educational program “Nature of the Native Land” to raise awareness of community residents on environmental issues;

3. Eco-statio promoted the practical activities of forestry enterprises and other business entities to preserve and restore forests and biodiversity.

We plan to establish the educational and scientific work of the eco-station and to equip a 300m2 building for the station.


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