The name of the eco-station comes after the main activity of its head, Serhii Panchenko. Serhii is a professional botanist who works in environmental protection institutions and deals with the problem of plant survival in nature reserves. The eco-station serves primarily as a shelter and a field laboratory for scientists and local historians for joint research projects and bicycle trips.
The eco-station’s focuses on popularizing modern ideas of nature conservation. The eco-station features:
• a northern Ukrainian information center for nature conservation (lectures, tourist trips, books and brochures, films and other events to popularize the nature of the region);
• a research club for schoolchildren (currently remote);
• ecological solutions for households;
• four seasons of restoration of the steppe meadow, a collection of more than 50 species of steppe plants; •
collections for educational games for children and adults, a festival of biological collections was developed and held in four cities of Sumy region (2015-2020); •
an experience of the traditional use of botanical objects in everyday life, especially wood.
Our plans:
• completion of the construction of a complex room with collections, a woodworking workshop and an open space for 8-12 participants;
• reconstruction of old buildings (barn and rebuilt hut) to use them for the station’s activities.


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