Teplo (Warmth) is about community, and Hora (Mountain) is about strength. “Tepla Hora” is about the power of community. This name also aptly describes the location of the eco-station, which is located at an altitude of 750 meters, but at the same time protected by the mountains from the winds. This combination creates a warm microclimate where even the grapes ripen.
“Tepla Hora” is a project that has three dimensions/missions:
1. On Tepla Hora: creating a physical and cultural eco-environment for holistic recreation, recovery, learning, and community building.
2. In the community: supporting the sustainable development of the Carpathian region.
3. In Ukraine and the world: popularizing a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle; stimulating eco-entrepreneurship.
The goal of the Tepla Hora Ecocenter is a Climate-Positive Ukraine by 2050.
Tepla Hora’s role in this goal is to be one of the research and training sites, one of the “laboratories” for co-creating an eco-friendly future.
At Tepla Hora, two old Hutsul houses have been reformatted into a hostel, a kitchen and a “cafe”, and the “Om Center”, a common space and a cinema hall. Solar panels power the hostel. The new Water Lab collects and filters rainwater. The eco-center also has a garden, a greenhouse, and a bathhouse. The second floor of the hostel consists of two rooms and a common Work Space. Soon this space will start working as a full-fledged eco-station for scientists.
Since 2021, Tepla Hora has been hosting Makers Camps that combine volunteering with environmental education and leisure and the Warm Weekend Sustainability Festival. In 2022, the eco-station launched a rehabilitation and support program for internally displaced persons called Kolo.
We plan to build tiny eco-houses for community members and a community center – an energy-efficient and innovative building with space for events, yoga and practices, a library, coworking space and a modern plant-based cafe. In addition, there are plans for a windmill, an electric bicycle center, an organic vegetable garden, and impact projects aimed at creating positive change beyond the eco-station: an eco-entrepreneurship academy and a climate-positive Ukraine fund.


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