The eco-station Hlyboki Balyky is the first ecological station in Ukraine and in the “Ukrainian Ecostations Network”. It serves the local community of Rzhyshchiv by providing scientifically based information on the state of the local ecosystem and the natural environment. It aims to protect them and develop strategies for sustainable community development that do not harm local biodiversity. An important goal of the project is to create a standard environmental service at the community level, such as police, fire brigade, library, and hospital, which can be replicated in other communities and locations. The station’s idea is that it belongs to and is supported by the local community. It is a scientific residence where researchers (both academic and amateur) can stay and hold research necessary for sustainable development in local planning, as well as for the protection of biodiversity and ecosystem resilience.
Research focuses on two main categories:
1. Assessment and monitoring of local ecosystems and the environment, which includes the inventory of local species and biodiversity, as well as the analysis and monitoring of static and dynamic environmental parameters in response to change (General Ecology).
2. Development of scientifically based recommendations and holistic strategies for local sustainable development based on observations, experiments and research carried out under the auspices of the eco-station (Constructive Ecology and Environmental Engineering).
Another important function at the community level is to provide modern and relevant environmental education and practical demonstrations of environmentally sound management techniques for the residents of Rzhyshchiv locality and its visitors from around the world. Environmental education mainly aims at children and youth to fill the gap that the formal public education system does not provide. To this end, the Forest School is being created to introduce environmental knowledge and skills in a playful way, which will take place outdoors or in a camping format. The Forest School will be a separate project in itself, aimed at producing environmental educational programs and textbooks that can be included in the educational program in Ukraine at the state level. The Hlyboki Balyky eco-station will also serve as a demonstration site where community members and visitors can learn about various environmentally sound approaches to water and sanitation, construction, food production, and energy conservation and implement them in their households. The demonstration site will also be a place for various experiments and research at the eco-station.


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