We strive for a high standard of living and well-being in the communities of Ukraine, based on the harmonious coexistence and interaction between nature and humans to create a sustainable culture of nature’s consumption.
We implement programs for biodiversity protection, restoration and, as a key factor in the well-being of it’s residents, the development of territorial communities of the Ukraine.
We promote the principle of “business growth along with biodiversity growth” and “green” economy development, as the effective use of natural resources with minimal damage to the environment should form the basis for our communities.
We work to strengthen local governments capacities to shape and implement sustainable development policies in communities, preserving biodiversity.
We form a modern ecological culture of community residents, motivating dialogue and coexistence with living nature on the basis of a unique and broad knowledge base about biodiversity.
We promote the inclusion of Ukraine in the global biodiversity development policy and create the potential for Ukraine’s biodiversity reporting for european and global information geosystems.
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