The eco-station was created and headed by a couple of eco-activists, Viktoriia and Yevhen.

Victoriia and her husband work in the Khotyn National Nature Park. Yevhen is engaged in conservation activities and works as an inspector. Viktoriia is a junior researcher in the Park’s scientific department. Victoriia is a graduate student at the Ivan Ohienko National University, studying biology and writing her dissertation.

The eco-station is multi-purpose. There are incredible places in Bakota that interest scientists, researchers, and eco-volunteers who want to participate in research and environmental activities. Children of all ages will find the eco-station interesting. We plan entertainment and educational activities so that one can learn new and useful things about the fauna and flora. The eco-station will also be useful for eco-tourists traveling along the Dniester River and Bakota.

In the future, we will launch new nature protection facilities, start breeding rare species (including gophers – hence the name of the eco-station), and create wild hiking trails.


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