We are a public network of ecostations of Ukraine (NEU), which was created by like-minded people and nature lovers. It all started with the ecostation “Hlyboki Balyky”. In 2019 it was an initiative for the “Ecospace” in Rzshyshchiv community, where scientists could work and educational and cultural events could be held to popularize eco-conscious life. Also it was created to inform about the current state of the surrounding biodiversity and factors that harm it. After two years it became obvious that developing this startup as a network would be very advantageous to all communities, and that such an Ecostation should be in every territorial community of Ukraine. In consequence, this network is continually growing and was registered as a public organization “Network of Ecostations of Ukraine” (NEU) in 2021.

Our network is currently containing 6 Ecostations.. We are working together to spread the knowledge about the environment and to offer science-based practical green solutions for communities to protect biodiversity. We interact on the local level with businesses and local governments, and on the national level with government institutes. The common goal is to establish environmentally friendly policies and the accumulation and mass distribution of knowledge about the natural environment of the Ukraine. Each of us previously worked in various public organizations. Now we combine our knowledge and efforts to draw attention to the value of ecosystems and change approaches to biodiversity use and conservation.
Our services consist of making scientific and public research accessible, to publish open data, to help improve the knowledge regarding biodiversity in Ukraine and to improve the skills in using this knowledge. We aim to form a fact-based knowledge on the biodiversity of each territorial community of Ukraine, where the NEU ecostation will be opened.
Our activity formats are expeditions, supporting scientific locations and organizing scientific public events: conferences, workshops, “green schools”, festivals and permaculture practices. Our specialties
Biodiversity inventory:
Our ecostations network will provide unique knowledge about a territorial community biodiversity, because this knowledge has not been collected and published in Ukraine before. Since 2019 our network has established a reference (pilot) project with the Rzshyshchiv community via the ecostation “Hlyboki Balyky” (Kyiv oblast region). In this pilot project we have made a thorough inventory of the biodiversity of the territorial community where our ecostation is located and have publish the results. We additionally have uploaded the collected data to the open data resources INaturalist and Global Biodiversity Information Facility. To carry out this research, our ecostation usually attracts specialists from scientific institutions and acts as a base for their expeditions. We also catalogue materials collected by amateur citizens.
Ecosystem assessment:
We will evaluate ecosystems, conduct experiments, organize scientific expeditions and, based on our research, develop a system to map this data. Thus we will obtain systematic information about the state of the biodiversity of the Ukraine, and this then can serve as a base for providing knowledge of ecosystem services. This knowledge can be used to evaluate the quality of the ecosystems of the territorial communities of Ukraine.
Biodiversity protection:
After the initial biodiversity cataloging and the creation of a local biodiversity database, we will identify “hot spots” and interrelationships between the biodiversity and the community, identify directions for further monitoring, and on finding factors threatening the biodiversity, we will develop strategies to reduce these threats.
Education and popularization of biodiversity knowledge:
We implement educational and cultural projects that contribute to a raising awareness of the ecological values of our environment in Ukrainian society. We create scientific herbariums with young people, organize forest schools and eco-cultural festivals. We make data and information about biodiversity more accessible and understandable, as we strive to teach the community to intelligently interact with local nature, and in generally to protect the biodiversity in Ukraine.
Offering practical solutions:
For the many problems our environment faces today we will create nature-oriented solutions based on the knowledge of the biodiversity of a specific territorial community (TC), and will provide consultations to the local authorities and local businesses. We will promote the formation of ecological clusters at the regional level as the basis of a green economy. We will create innovative solutions based on nature-oriented business models and seek sustainable solutions to protect the biodiversity to the benefit of the Ukrainian communities.
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