A two day conference in hybrid online/offline format 9-10 June 2023, Lviv, Ukraine

This conference is the beginning of a journey to build a vision for sustainable and regenerative agriculture in Ukraine as part of a post war recovery. It will be a unique combination of farmers and scientists from within Ukraine, expert speakers in the field of regenerative agriculture from around the world, and active citizens who are looking for new models of agriculture. Please come prepared to participate.
The conference will offer examples of commercially successful models from world experts, and will focus on finding relevant solutions for Ukraine in its current war situation, and also into a post war period of reconstruction.
Regenerative agriculture is now being adopted widely across the world in arable, livestock and horticultural contexts addressing the issue of commercial viability of farming without expensive inputs. Regenerative agriculture also reduces the impacts and causes of climate change through the development of soils that sequester carbon from the atmosphere, functioning water cycles and rebuilding natural systems and biodiversity.
The conference will focus on how we can heal the land, feed people, restore soils and provide jobs for family farms.

What you get from the conference

• Explore the world’s latest regenerative agriculture and eco-engineering approaches as practical cases
• Meeting and making contacts with the leading experts on regenerative agriculture from all over the world
• Deeper acquaintance with the current situation in Ukrainian agriculture and the ways to transform it in accordance to European environmental policies

Key note speakers:

Darren Doherty, Certified Practising Agriculturalist AIA, Regrarians Ltd.  Australia;
Dr. Oksana Tonkha, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine;
Mykola Syrota, Editor-in-chief of, Ukraine;
Rick Clark, no-till farmer, USA;
Dr. Mykola Kosolap, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine;
Dr. Johannes Heeb, Seecon, Switzerland;
Dr. Petter Jenssen, University of Life Sciences, Norway;
Juanfran Lopez, Founder of Living Agriculture, Spain;
Andriy Shedrinov, Farmer-researcher from Kherson region, Ukraine;
Vasyl Bielozerskyh, Deputy Director of the Department of Agribusiness Support, Credit Agricole Bank, Ukraine;
Oleksiy Vasilyuk, Head of UNCG, Ukraine

Who might be interested:

policy makers;
territorial communities representatives;
civil engineers;
activists; concerned citizens


Prostir.Pro – 2 Profesora Buyka Street, Lviv, Ukraine
Zoom space to be announced later


Your active participation


Bogdan Popov
+380636243781 (Phone and WhatsApp)


Ecostations Network of Ukraine, Ukrainе,

Partners and sponsors

• Darren J. Doherty, CPAg AIA & Georgi Pavlov, Regrarians Ltd., Australia,
• Johannes Heeb, seecon international, Switzerland,
• Matt Dunwell, Ragmans Lane Farm, UK,
• National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine
• Petter D. Jenssen, Norwegian University of Life Sciences
• Peli can live, charity foundation with a project “Shelterbelts of life”,
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