A healthy nature means a healthy community

The Network of Ecostations of Ukraine is an umbrella initiative for scientists, eco-practitioners and community residents operating at the level of a local community to research biodiversity, to elaborate and implement sustainable development concepts for Ukrainian communities.



We perform the inventory (collect and accumulate data about nature) and carry out research at the level of each local community at each ecostation. We issue annual reports on the state of biodiversity and natural resources of the communities. We conduct experiments and organize scientific expeditions. Each of our members has previously worked in various public organizations. Now we are joining our knowledge and efforts to draw attention to the value of ecosystems and to improve the awareness on the conservation of biodiversity.


We create opportunities in general and on location for the partnership of scientists, entrepreneurs and environmental activists that are part of local communities interested in protection and development of biodiversity and the green economy. We organize events, conferences and workshops. We also promote permaculture and regenerative agriculture practices.


We implement educational and cultural projects that promote Green values and increase environmental awareness in the society. We create herbariums and organize “green schools” and eco-cultural festivals. We collect data and information about biodiversity as we strive to teach the community to intelligently interact with the nature in Ukraine. Every citizen can contribute to our scientific knowledge base as a citizen scientist.


We create nature-oriented solutions for environmental needs, based on the knowledge about the biodiversity of every specific local community, and provide appropriate consultations to local businesses. We promote the formation of ecological clusters at regional level as the basis of a green economy. We create innovative solutions based on nature-oriented models, seek for sustainable solutions to protect biodiversity for the benefit of all Ukrainian communities, and support the local authorities in pursuing these goals.

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